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Doug Dodd “Saved By Grace”

I Like to Know How Things Work

Doug DoddAfter “getting saved” in 1971 it wasn’t long before I noticed that it was hard to get answers to fundamental questions involving the believers walk.

One of the benefits of learning how to study the Word Of God from a dispensational point of view was getting answers to questions.

For years I longed to know how to have real victory over sin. I was given all kinds of advice but no one ever told me about the mechanics of the nature of the believer and what has been done on his behalf through the provision of God.

I think the sin issue is a real concern for most believers. They want to know how to stop it and its influence. The good news is that it is explained in detail in the Pauline epistles. Never once in denominational circles was I ever directly directed to verses that detailed my position “in Christ”.

I was told to “confess your sins”. Ok, now what? I was told “don’t do that”. Ok, so how do I stop it? I was told “pray about it”. Ok, now what?

Never once was I told that I am “complete in Christ”. Paul was instructed to say it like this. “And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power:” Colossians 2:10.

Knowing, not wishing, thinking or hoping, but KNOWING who you are “in Christ” makes all the difference. Religion does not have the answers to the questions that set the believer free to serve the Lord. If they do have the answers they are not forthcoming with them. Ditto for Tradition and Denominationalism.

Believers are being robbed by pastors, popes, preachers and pretenders of the knowledge contained within the pages of the Word of God concerning their position “in Christ”. Some are even paying for the obfuscation that has become the modern church.

Your Christian life will not operate on the basis of ignorance. There are some things you need to know. You need to know how the doctrines of grace work.

If you are saved you have been made part of what God is doing today and He has fully equipped you to do His will. He has not left you here unprepared, unprotected or unprovisioned.

It is the application of this knowledge, revealed in the Pauline epistles that allows the believer to fully appreciate the role of the Creator in our daily lives.

God wants us to serve him but he wants us to serve him from a heart of gratitude and thanks for what he has done for us in his death, burial and resurrection.

Now listen. If you have never been exposed to the doctrines of the “grace life” you may get upset a time or two as you read thisKJV Bible Study Site“. That’s OK, just keep reading. You will probably click off several times. Just make sure you bookmark it now because you will want to open it up again, soon. The true Holy Spirit of God will speak to your heart according to His truth over time.

WHY? BECAUSE, when you keep in mind that this site is not based on any denominational religion and when you understand that it is based 100% on God’s Word you will know where you can get real answers to life long questions that come from your heart that searches for Truth, as you were made by and in the image of God..

Right division bible study is going to take some things away from you. Things your flesh loves and wants to keep and some things that you have been taught to accept, but I promise you the things you give up will be replaced by something far more valuable.

You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you mad or the truth will set you free. Usually both happen when dealing with the truth. First we get mad, then we understand and then the liberty comes!

Why is this? Because Satan is still the god of this world, he has the power over the air of right and wrong (Natural believes). He has infiltrated the masses through the traditions of religions (to confuse those that seek God). He is the spiritual leader of “natural man” from birth to death by default.

What hope have we? God the Creator infiltrated Satan’s kingdom (post Adam) First through the nation of Israel and offered the Kingdom of God on Earth through a future coming redeemer. Religious Israel rejected this by unbelief in the God/Man Jesus Christ and crucified him (fulfilling prophecy) and then by rejecting God’s Holy Spirit who came after Jesus.

As Jesus said before that rejecting of the Holy Spirit of God would be the unpardonable sin the nation of Israel could do. So at this point in history Satan is claiming a victory according to the perfect law of the perfect God. Satan has legally stopped God’s way of bringing salvation to the world through Israel via the “Kingdom of God” on Earth as was originally planned.

But unannounced to Satan through the uncompleted scripture at this point in time was the mystery program.

But now we can see that the completed Word of God says: A self proclaimed “chief of sinners” was raised up to unveil the “mystery program”. The book of Acts is about this transformation (from kingdom to grace) and the Apostle Paul is the apostle that brings the mystery program’s message of grace to all the nations and people of the world that is about salvation through grace without the previous requirement of going through the nation of Israel’s religious program that was based on law. 

But now in this new age of grace all the world’s people (including Israeli’s) are saved only by the “BELIEF in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ that takes away the sins of the world“. You can’t add or take anything away from this, that is the gospel of grace, period! The sacrifice that Christ made is sufficient.

Right division bible study only means to understand what parts of the bible is written to what age and books of the bible pertain to it, Past – Present – Future – (Time Past, written to Israel, Prophecy, Kingdom of God program) (But Now, Present time, Written to all alive today, Age of Grace) (Future, Age To Come, Written to Israel, Prophesy)

Books of the Bible

Past: Genesis – Gospel of John (written to Israel, Kingdom message, 12 apostles)

Acts is transitional: Kingdom (past) to Grace (present)

Present: Romans – Philemon (Written to us by our Apostle Paul, Age of Grace)

Future: Hebrews – Revelation (written to Israel, the believers during the tribulation period after the sacrifice of Christ, Kingdom message)

Now Satan has infiltrated the word of God through all English translations save one (the King James Version) Why wouldn’t he since he is still temporarily the god of this world. But God the creator promised his Word would never be changed, so we can only teach from the only source that the blood of Christ has not been removed from and changed in 5000 other ways.

All of the bible was written for us to learn of God. Today we get our doctrine from the books of Romans – Philemon written by the apostle sent to us by Jesus Christ the Apostle Paul.

All studies on this site rightly divide the Word of Truth from the King James Bible.

Doug Dodd s.b.g. / Rod Nelson s.b.g.


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  1. I found his teachings after he had passed from among us. Thank you for preserving his teachings….

    • Sally, same with me. I found Brother Dodd’s teachings about 2 years ago and I enjoy them. I was saddened to learn that he passed away to be with the Lord back in 2006. I am grateful to those who have labored to construct this website. I’ve referred Dodd’s teachings to others, and will be telling others about this new site. We’ll be able to see Doug again and thank him… he has yet to know of the people who he has impacted posthumously!!!

  2. I’ only been exposed to Rightly Dividing since 2-2012
    and I have to say praise GOD!!!
    I agree 100%
    and I like to reach out to the spanish speaking world! I will be thankful if you can help me in any way you can
    by directing me to a site that has this materials in spanish, or any other way you can

    Alex Balderas

  3. How were people saved before Abraham….Isaac….Jacob (Israel) came to be? You seem to have a two tier system. Grace for the church……law and works for the Jews. Kinda messed up.

    • “How were people saved before Abraham….Isaac….Jacob (Israel) came to be?”

      After man was separated from God through disobedience to Him the world was lost to God and the fallen angle Lucifer (Satan) became the “god of this world”. In this dispensation there was no salvation plan by God for the world. But you may consider this study.

      “You seem to have a two tier system. Grace for the church……law and works for the Jews.”

      Tier 1
      Israel the Jewish nation was the first people to acknowledge the one true God and found favor in God’s eyes. God gave Israel the law and the prophets so they could understand: (Obedience to God is rewarded and Disobedience to God would have consequences.) The rest of the world went on as it always did with no consequences in this world but had no hope from any reconciling program from God and are known as “gentiles”

      God’s program of reconciling Israel to Himself would have been fulfilled as predicted in scripture with the coming of the Messiah. Christ would have set up God’s Kingdom on Earth through which all nations could have been saved though Israel. Christ was preparing to do this when He choose 12 apostles to reach the 12 tribes of Israel with God’s plan for this. But Israel rejected Christ the messiah (savior) and God’s plan was put on hold. (but will resume in the future) Read the following study to learn more about this.

      Tier 2
      “Grace for the church”
      (Body of Christ)

      Careful “the god of this world” has influenced corruption to all religions and modern bible translations.

      When Israel rejected Christ and crucified Him, God sent His Holy Spirit by way of more prophets to preach God’s plan of redemption through His kingdom on earth for them. But they rejected this by stoning to death the prophets. Thus rejecting God’s Holy Spirit and God completely.

      And so then the book of “Acts” takes us through the transformation that brings us to God’s grace to all men. God has before referred to gentiles as being like dogs and unworthy. Now that Israel rejected Christ He offers all men salvation (Gentiles and Jews) that believe in Christ Jesus’s sacrifice fulfilled due to His perfect faith that He had in God the Father. So today we have the finished work of God for the salvation of the world. Today there is no difference in Jew and Gentile in God’s plan of salvation that is the free gift of grace through faith.

      God has rejected this world as the world has rejected Him. So only through the perfect faith of Christ in God the Father that was purified by his willing loss of blood and body can anyone be saved.

      Before Israel and the prophets, during the days God was teaching Israel what the law required, now in the age of grace and in the future when God completes the promises to Abraham and Israel, salvation is based on the perfect faith of Christ that He had in God the Father. All we have to do in this age of grace is to believe in Christ Jesus and Christ’s perfected faith is our bases of salvation and is the FREE GIFT of God.

      As Israel had 12 apostles to bring the news of God’s intention to set up His kingdom on earth in Israel we today have 1 apostle to bring us the news for our current “age of grace”

      Paul is the Apostle to the Gentiles and what God says in the books Paul wrote are for all that live today and proclaim the grace of God is freely given to those that believe the the perfect faith and sacrifice of Christ.

      Romans – Philemon (Written to us by our Apostle Paul for the Age of Grace)

      “Kinda messed up.”

      You better believe it is “Messed up” but by the Grace of God we now have a way home, thanks to the faith of Christ! To understand this read the following study.

      Gen 18:25 … Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right? Yes, HE will!

  4. The article above is very helpful.

    I’d like to download your lesson “Why We Do NOT Water Baptize Today…” A friend sent me a copy in2007, and it is to the point. Another friend recently asked me what I thought about water baptism, and I plan to give him my copy, but I’d really like to have another.

    • Hi Doris,
      Feel free to share any of the studies, that is what this site is for. To make it easier I will start making a downloadable PDF for each study, starting with “Why We Do NOT Water Baptize Today” so watch for it in the next couple of days and with many more to come.
      Thank you

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